1. maranopie ha dicho: Raura under the mistletoe one shot Em


    Okay let’s do this…

    Ross and Laura were walking around set, while they were filming the Christmas episode. Laura smiled at Ross, as she bumbed into him on purpose. 

    "You know there’s mistletoe like all over set right?" she asked him. 

    He nodded letting out a laugh. “I’d laugh if Raini and Calum got caught under it.” 

    "I can’t believe somebody hasn’t gotten caught under it." she said shaking her head. 

    "Well expect us during the episode." he muttered, under his breath.

    "What Ross?" she asked.

    "Oh nothing." he replied. 

    Walking into the Sonic Boom set they stopped at the doors. Laura was too busy telling Ross about a story from when she filmed a Liv & Maddie episode to notice where they had stopped. 

    "Guys?" Calum questioned, walking up to where they were. "Look up."

    Looking up they saw they were of course under the mistletoe. Ross, rolled his eyes, laughing a smile obvious on his face. While Laura scrunched her nose, trying really hard not to smile.

    "You have to kiss." Calum stated. 

    "Mmm rules are rules." Laura said stepping closer to Ross. 

    "Did you just quote an Ally line from this episode Miss. Marano?" Ross questioned in a flirty tone, taking another step foward.

    They were standing toe to toe, Laura’s arm circled around his neck as his went to straight to her waist. They were leaning in before Laura stopped. She looked over at Calum who was standing there watching, before bringing the script in her hand up to block their faces from anybody’s view, before connecting their lips together. 


  2. Don’t tell me you ‘re my Heartbreaker…

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    Ross is really working that one leg

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  7. Que hermoso que sos Osito !

  8. It’s a summer paradise

    Cruisin with the boys and girls !

    Surfin day and night

    Everybody shoot the curl.

    Hang five, keep it alive

    And then you drop down low all toes on the nose.

    Hang ten, hot doggin again.

    Let’s go !

    SURF’S UP !

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    I can’t stop singing

    Make it stop

    Make it stop

    Am I real or just a prop?



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    Isn’s this cute? <3 HELL FREAKING IT IS 

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